Monday, September 20, 2010

I’m kind of lost these days. I find myself sitting and starring off into space quite often. I guess it’s because I can’t believe everything that has happened over just the last two weeks. I can’t get used to the fact that I don’t get to go home everyday to see my two beautiful boys. And I miss my wife, the woman whom I fell in love with five years ago. Sometimes I am perfectly fine and live my life as such. But every now and then I find myself just wondering where it all went wrong. I know what I did, or at least what she will tell me. I take full responsibility for the mean and unnecessary things I said, but that’s just not good enough. There is nothing more I can do. I never imagined in a million years that it would all end up this way. People keep telling me that it’s probably for the best, but when does that part happen? Nothing seems real anymore. I know I can get past this though. I have made it through so many other things in my life. I turn 27 in two days and I don’t know where my life is going. But then again, I guess nobody does.

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