Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cathing up on my posts

  Sunday morning. This will probably be a long day, but I will try my hardest to have a nice day. Good news for me is my left side of my stomach stopped hurting finally. It has been hurting the last couple of days. Everyone around me, including me, that it was either a kidney stone or a kidney infection. But I woke up this morning and no pain at all. Anyways. I think I’m going to go do my weekly bag audit so it will be finished for the day. I’m not going to do my supply order until tomorrow.
            Well, less than an hour later and Wendy and I have done our bag audit and ten releases. Now they are scheduling dress outs. Hopefully we can knock everything out early and be done for the day. I mean it is Sunday and I do want to watch some football. I am not sure who the Titans play, but I am going to watch as much of it as I can. I wonder if the Bears can pull out a win today. I kind of feel like writing a story today. I think I might give it a stab.
            It was a cool October morning when Peter stepped out on his front porch. He was headed off to work, or at least that was as far as he knew. He walked over to his garage and opened the doors with his keychain. For a moment he just looked around. Then a smile began to spread across Peter’s face when he saw his cream colored Aston Martin Vantage. He walked over to it and admired its beauty before jumping in. When he revved up the engine he knew it was time to go. Peter shot down his driveway and out of his cul-de-sac.
            After his wife, Haley, hears the engine fading out of ear shot she grabs her cell phone. She begins typing quickly and then she sends her message out. She climbs out of bed and goes to the restroom. When she finishes up in the bathroom her phone goes off. Haley runs over to her night stand to retrieve her message. She gets the smallest, little smile and a tiny giggle. She puts her phone back down and runs into her walk in closet. A good twenty or so minutes goes by and Haley is out and ready to face the day. She looks stunning. Her long sandy blonde hair goes midway down her back and her make up is perfect. Today she wants everybody to look at her. She is dressed all in black. From the black dress to the black stockings with black boots, she is ready to go. She steps outside with a bit of bounce in her step. Haley goes over to the garage and heads straight for the Range Rover, also black. When she turns the engine over her Keith Urban CD immediately starts. She backs out of the garage, pushes the button that closes all the doors to the garage, and takes off.
            On the way to work Peter gets a call from an old friend, Lauren. Lauren knows Peter and Haley both very well from college. Apparently she had had a big fight with her husband, Phong, the night before about the kids and he walked out on her. Now he had never walked out and not returned the same night. Lauren wanted to know if Peter had heard from him since last night. He had not. Lauren was very worried. Peter told Lauren that he could call Haley and see if she could come by and stay with her until they knew what was going on. Lauren did not hesitate at the offer. So Peter called Haley and caught her up on the situation. She had no problem going over to Lauren’s; she just had some errands to run first.
            After Haley finished what little running she had to do she hurried over to Lauren’s. Once there, she knocked on the front door. After a minute or so Lauren opened the door with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know where Phong is and I’m scared.” Lauren cried on Haley’s shoulder. Haley helps Lauren back into the house. They walk over to the couch and both sit down. Haley goes through her purse looking for her pack of tissue. When she finds it she gives it to Lauren. After a few moments she starts to calm down and explain what happened. “Thomas got expelled from school yesterday.” said Lauren. Haley lets out a gasp. “What? Why?”. “Well they apparently found a bag of pot in his backpack after lunch. They also think he was high when they busted him.” “Oh my Lord.” said Haley. Lauren goes on to explain, “I wanted to ground him and take away his games and things, but Phong had a different plan. He thought that Peter should have been arrested for having the pot.” Haley asks Lauren why Phong would want that to happen to his own son. Lauren said that Phong wanted to really teach him a lesson.
            While Lauren and Haley are talking over the events of the night before, Peter is about five minutes from work. Peter works about an hour and a half from their home in Savannah. His phone rings; it’s Phong calling. He had gone out drinking after the fight with his wife and wrecked his car. He was calling from Mercy Hospital. Peter told him that he was on his way there to see him. Peter called his secretary and explained what was going on briefly and told her he would not be in today.
            So Peter took Phong home to Lauren. They worked everything out and Haley and Peter went home for the rest of the day.


            Yeah… I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do with that. Sorry. Hope you weren’t too into it. How would you finish off this story? I just think it could go so many places. I would like some input on this, people. I love writing stories because your imagination can take you anywhere. That story was just not coming to me so easily. Oh well. I tried.

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