Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, let’s see. It’s October first, two thousand ten. My blog is called Wake Me When September Ends. It ended. So I guess that means I need to change the name of this thing. It’s seven seventeen in the morning. I am at work. There are twenty two males and eleven females down in Booking. I got here at a quarter to seven and since I’ve been here I have done the morning audit, checked the stock, relieved third shift, pulled stock for the dressouts we will do today, and switched the laundry from a bin it’s not supposed to be in to a bin made for laundry. I got quite a bit down in a half hour.
            I got 6 new CDs from a friend yesterday, but I left them at work. So I’m enjoying them right now. I’m listening to Drake. I have been wondering about this album. Just haven’t had the money to get. Besides Drake I also got Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being, Fabolous – There Is No Competition, Gucci Mane – The Appeal, Jeremih – All about You, and Freddie Gibbs – Str8 Killa. I got a lot of new music to listen to. I’m excited. What’s really nice about these CDs is that they are just CD-R discs and were free, so if I don’t like something, I will just pass it on to someone else. Drake has a flow kind of resembling Lil Wayne. I like it. And it’s got an R&B feel to it as well.
            Laundry just called me and the last thing we need back here is more fucking laundry. We are covered for the whole weekend, which is all I care about. We will get more laundry Monday. We do get the supply order today that I ordered yesterday. It was 54 degrees outside this morning. I wish this time of year would last forever. Well, releases are here and dressouts are scheduled, so I guess I’ll be back later. It’s now eight twelve and I have done my releases but the dressouts haven’t shown up yet. But my supervisor was nice enough to call to tell me I she needs me to fill on of our red bins up with supplies so the inmate worker can make the mesh bags up for dressouts. I feel like just staying back here in property today, but she going to find a way to make me come out.
            Well I took care of the supplies and my dressouts are done now too. It’s only nine twenty two. There is so much of this day left. I wish they would send up more dressouts so that the time will go by. Right now I’m listening to the Lil Wayne CD. This disc is off the chain. That is CD over now and I’m listening to Gucci Mane. Both of my coworkers went to smoke, so I am finally alone. I have no problem working in Property by myself. As long as it’s not too damn busy. What sucks right now is that I know we won’t do anymore dressouts until after noon. That’s two hours pretty much just sitting here. Something will come up here and there, but that’s it.
            My baby momma is going on a cruise with our kids in December. I’m happy for them. They deserve a vacation. I think the whole family is going. I didn’t know that babies could fly in planes. I think it will be a nice vacation for all of them, but how much fun can you have with little kids there with you? I am thinking about going to the concert for The Country Music Hall of Fame. I know that Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Miranda Lambert are going to be there. There is going to be a lot more people there than that, I just can’t remember who. I like seeing Keith Urban live. He is very entertaining. I would like to go with somebody, but I wouldn’t know who to ask. I wish I had internet at work. I could look up ticket prices. Oh well. I hope I can remember to do it when I get home.
            I can’t use my laptop, because of something weird. When I tried to open the internet yesterday, it took me to a Comcast account activation page. I did not get a new account. I don’t have an account at all. It is wireless. But it won’t let me go any further than that page. Does anybody have any clue what I can do to fix this? I need to go get that laptop from my Mom. There is something wrong with it too, but at least it has all the keys on the keyboard. It would be nice if I could get both laptops working. I’m supposed to sell my old on to Donny, but I’m not going to sell him a busted ass laptop. Hey, the supply order is here. Finally something to do. It’s now ten thirty seven and we are done with supplies now too. It’s good that we stay caught up, but then there ain’t shit to do again.
            Every CD I have listened to today sounds really good on these computer speakers. I can’t imagine how nice they’ll be with a real system. At this rate I will probably get to listen to all six CDs before the end of my work day. Well the Gucci Mane just ended. So what’s next? I put Fabolous in. I have decided any one of these CDs I don’t like I will give to Gleaves, my coworker. I’m not a Fabolous fan so this might be the first one I get rid of. I have one of his CDs now and I only like about two songs on it. This CD is ok so far. Well that Fabolous CD is over and it wasn’t all that. But this Freddie Gibbs is pretty tight.
            I just came back from lunch. I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some sweet tea. Now I’m back at work and there still is nothing to do. More people have gotten arrested, but nothing has happened here in Property. Hopefully there will be some dressouts in about thirty minutes or so. It’s too bad I can’t take a nap. That would get me in trouble though. Why can’t my evenings go by as slow as my work day? Catrenna (another coworker) must have gotten really bored. All the over stock I pulled for the day, she folded it all, even though it didn’t need to be. I guess if we get bored from writing or reading books we will find something to do. I am only half way through this day and I have managed to write all these paragraphs. I wonder how much I might type the rest of the day.
            Now I got this asshole sitting outside my window for dressout. He wants to start shit because he says we got his name wrong. We can’t do anything about that. They just had to cuff him because he wants to buck at officers. He’s lucky he didn’t get laid out on the floor. I hate when the inmates try to start shit. This job is so easy, unless an inmate decides they want to start something. It’s been fifteen minutes since I typed last on here and the asshole is still getting dressed. I guess he thinks if he goes slowly that he won’t have to do anything he is told.

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