Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OK all caugth up after this

         Today is the day I get to go to PASS so they can analyze me. This should be an interesting experience. I don’t want to do this. I already have my doctors and therapist. So I pretty much just need to put on a good show, just like in an interview. Hopefully it won’t take more than an hour because this is my Friday. I want to just go home and catch up on my sleep then start my weekend. Hopefully they will just sign off on me showing up and not make me come back. I mean I have an appointment with my therapist on the 27th and an appointment with my psychiatrist on the 28th.
     If Catrenna don’t keep here hands off my keyboard I’m going to start breaking fingers.
            Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going no where with my rant. Next topic. I went over to my buddy Donny’s house yesterday after work and when I get there I am jumped by at least 3 kids, if not more. I start talking to the boys playing video games. This is when they proceed to tell me they have no memory card for the PS2 I gave them. I told them that was too bad. Then it happened. They looked at ME and stated that I needed to get them one. First of all, I gave them the game console with a bunch of games for nothing. Second of all, ya’ll got parents. Ask them for a memory card. Kids spoil easy. You have to be so careful these days. And yeah I know, I was probably like that when I was a kid, but damn. I love all them kids to death, they just crack me up.
            Catrenna is laughing her fucking ass off at what I typed above about her. I told her she made it into my blog and I will post this one. I just heard the funniest damn song. It’s a rap song called That Baby Don’t Look Like Me. The title pretty much sums up the song. That makes for a good laugh. I’m gonna have to check the video out when I get home. Last night I was telling my Dad a story about something I was told. In the story I said that one of the guys said “That’s what’s up.” My Dad looked at me and asked what does that mean. So I told him it means he understands. My Dad went on a small rant about the way some people talk these days; one being me as well. He said something that made me laugh. He said someday you’re gonna ask what time is it. And the response is gonna be chocolate bar. That’s what’s up.
                        Camo shorts and bubble kush.
I wanna talk she’d rather fuss,
Bout this and that and such and such.
Damn where is the fucking trust?
            Sorry, went off on a whole Lil Wayne thing. I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. Well I believe that I have said all I want to say today. So I will holler at ya’ll later.

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